Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Haiti bake sale was a major success! We raised $3285.43 for Doctors Without Borders, not including the proceeds Locali and C'est La V donated that day. There were at least seven tables full of vegan baked goods which magically disappeared by the day's end.

A huge thanks to Crystal (The runner of this bake sale), Afsoon, Allison of Bunny Muffin Bakery, Adam of Baked LA, Brittany of The Fakery Bakery, Alix of The Vegan Bake Sale, Lawrence of Ashcrow Design, Chloe, Ghalia Organics (Kindly donated gluten free toffee brownies), C'est La V, Vegan Mom, Kate, Vegyogini, Evania of Sunpower Natual Cafe, Jackie from Alternative Outfitters, Clara (An amazing 12 year old vegan baker), Carol, Erica, Beth, Monica, Meghan, Nicole, Sarah, Eirene, Stephanie, Sandy, Rafaela, Missy, Gwendolyn, Kevin, Kelly, and the ever lovely Locali for hosting us. Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered and stuffed their faces with baked goods.. There were so many of you!

Pictures can be found here (by fughawzi/Ashley), here (by Afsoon), and here (by Carol).

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